The True Life Story Of Gus, The Dog With The Big Head

Gus was found in Houston, Texas by local rescuers Laura Forma, Rob Acuna, Jr and Tom Heller in the fall of 2018. Emaciated, with his head the size of a basketball, Gus was in horrific condition, so he was immediately taken for medical treatment sponsored by the Houston K-911 Rescue.

Gus had numerous medical issues and he had to have many surgeries and other treatments to get healthy. Gus and his horrible plight became an Internet sensation, his story was picked up by local and national news channels. People from all over the world donated for his care and started following his progress.

He eventually overcame every obstacle and now he is happy and healthy, living in Houston with his mom, Anna Barbosa, along with other furry family members and fosters.

photo by Laura Forma

photo by Laura Forma

Photo by Kayla Kodak

The everyday heroes.(left to right) Laura Forma, Tim Heller, Anna Barbosa, Rob Jr.,Acuna, Brenda Carrizales

Gus brought so much attention to the condition of many strays worldwide. He is an ambassador for strays. But even though he made it out of that life and is now a family dog, millions of dogs worldwide are suffering, much as he did. Currently, Houston alone has an estimated 1 million strays.

The book, " The Life of Gus"  is based on the true story of Gus. Although no one knows for sure what his life was like up until the time of his rescue, the scenario of his past life as written in this book is certainly possible. So many dogs are neglected in various ways, and abandoned dogs roam our streets in countless numbers.

Gus and Sandee

Sandee Roquemore Maxwell is a long time lover of our 4 legged furry friends. This is the first in her series of childrens books written to help children see that animals are to be loved and treated with respect.


From the author

"The Life of Gus"  was written to inspire children to see our companion animals in a different light, to see them as the loving and sensitive beings that they are. I would love to grow a generation of pet owners that have true empathy for those left in our care.

Children will follow Gus from when he first had a home and a boy of his own, and follow along through the events that caused him to become destitute and homeless through no fault of his own. The reader will come to understand how lonely it can be for dogs that find themselves in this circumstance.

Children will see him ultimately found by rescuers, although in the book the resuers are protrayed as children to make it more relatable to them and their life.  It is my hope that this book will help bring an end to the stray crisis in parts of the US and in other countries.

The much anticipated book adaptation, chronicalling the journey of a special stray, into a reading book for children.

Illistrations by Peggy Bordelon from Tomball Texas.

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The Photo that shocked the world

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